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Johannes Kepler (December 27, 1571 – November 15, 1630) was a German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer. Kepler is a key figure in the 17th-century scientific revolution. He is best known for his laws of planetary motion, based on his works Astronomia nova, Harmonices Mundi, and Epitome of Copernican Astronomy. These works also provided one of the foundations for Isaac Newton’s theory of universal gravitation.(from Wikipedia)


“Sky-bound was the mind, Earth-bound the body rests” ― Johannes Kepler


“Ships and sails proper for the heavenly air should be fashioned. Then there will also be people, who do not shrink from the dreary vastness of space.” ― Johannes Kepler


“Geometry has two great treasures; one is the Theorem of Pythagoras; the other, the division of a line into extreme and mean ratio. The first we may compare to a measure of gold; the second we may name a precious jewel.” ― Johannes Kepler

“I used to measure the skies, now I measure the shadows of Earth. Although my mind was sky-bound, the shadow of my body lies here.― Johannes Kepler

“When ships to sail the void between the stars have been built, there will step forth men to sail these ships.” ― Johannes Kepler
“Discover the force of the skies O Men: once recognised it can be put to use.” ― Johannes Kepler
“Nature uses as little as possible of anything.” ― Johannes Kepler

“The soul of the newly born baby is marked for life by the pattern of the stars at the moment it comes into the world, unconsciously remembers it, and remains sensitive to the return of configurations of a similar kind.” ― Johannes Kepler 

“The treasures hidden in the heavens are so rich that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment.” ― Johannes Kepler

“The Earth is round, and is inhabited on all sides, is insignificantly small, and is borne through the stars.” ― Johannes Kepler

“I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses.” ― Johannes Kepler
Truth is the daughter of time, and I feel no shame in being her midwife.” ― Johannes Kepler

“If there is anything that can bind the mind of man to this dreary exile of our earthly home and can reconcile us with our fate so that one can enjoy living,—then it is verily the enjoyment of the mathematical sciences and astronomy.” ― Johannes Kepler

“Before the origin of things, geometry was coeternal with the Divine Mind” ― Johannes Kepler
“And I cherish more than anything else the Analogies, my most trustworthy masters. They know all the secrets of Nature, and they ought to be least neglected in Geometry.” ― Johannes Kepler

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