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Shah Rukh Khan ( Shahrukh Khan; born 2 November 1965), also known as SRK, is an Indian film actor, producer, and television personality.




“ Without hurting anybody, we all tend to laugh at others’ discomfort. When someone slips on a banana skin and falls it’s funny.”- Shah Rukh Khan
“ I truly believe my job is to make sure people smile.”- Shah Rukh Khan
“The only time I don’t work is when I am asleep.”- Shah Rukh Khan

“Cinema in India is like brushing your teeth in the morning. You can’t escape it.”- Shah Rukh Khan

“Sometimes a lot of us men think we are doing everything for the woman we love, but there is an aspect of a woman a man doesn’t understand.”- Shah Rukh Khan
“ When people call me God, I say, no, I’m still an angel or saint of acting. I still have a long way to go.”- Shah Rukh Khan

“ My life may seem glamorous from the outside but off screen it’s as ordinary as anyone else’s.”- Shah Rukh Khan

“Yes I have made a lot of money and I have a lot of respect, my films have done well, and I know there are loads of loads of people who look up to me and really love me. I really just thought this is like a strange dream. I have never thought this is a success – I don’t have a standard.”- Shah Rukh Khan
“ I could lie and say my wife cooks for me, but she doesn’t. My wife has never learnt cooking but she has great cooks at home.”- Shah Rukh Khan

“ I’ve won many awards and I want more. If you want to call it hunger then I’m hungry for awards.”- Shah Rukh Khan

“I don’t teach my children what is Hindu and what is Muslim.”- Shah Rukh Khan
“ I think love can happen at any age… it has no age.”- Shah Rukh Khan

“ If you’re stepping out, you have to smell good. Brush your teeth, hair should be soft, you should smell very very good.”- Shah Rukh Khan

“ You can’t spend your life explaining yourself to people. You really need to learn to ignore a lot of things that people say about you.”- Shah Rukh Khan
“I don’t focus on anything. Focus is an overused work. We take ourselves away from genuine creativity.”- Shah Rukh Khan
“ Success has this beauty that it eradicates all personal and impersonal attacks. So, instead of saying, explaining, justifying – all I need to do is succeed.”- Shah Rukh Khan

“There is only one religion in the world – hard work.”- Shah Rukh Khan

“My biggest achievement is that I can make people smile just by my presence.”- Shah Rukh Khan
“ Don’t become a philosopher before you become rich.” – Shah Rukh Khan

“There is no such thing as normal. Normal is just another word for lifeless.”- Shah Rukh Khan

“Art is more important than the artist – have no attachment to your own art. It is regressive, move on.”- Shah Rukh Khan


“ As an adult, I have come to understand that there is nothing of more value than your capacity for diligence and your ability to work hard.”- Shah Rukh Khan

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