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[Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester United and captains the Portugal national team. Often considered the best player in the world and widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time.(from Wikipedia)]




“Talent without working hard is nothing.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo

“I want to consistently play well and win titles. I’m only at the beginning.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo
“Talent isn’t everything. You can have it from the cradle, but it is necessary to learn the trade to be the best.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo


“I don’t mind people hating me, because it pushes me.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo


“I’m living a dream I never want to wake up from.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo


“I am not a perfectionist, but I like to feel that things are done well. More important than that, I feel an endless need to learn, to improve, to evolve…” ― Cristiano Ronaldo


“Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo
“Don Alfredo leaves us, but his memory will last forever in our hearts. Legends never die. Thanks for everything Maestro.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo
“I see football as an art and all players are artists.If you are a top artist, the last thing you would do is paint a picture somebody else has already painted.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo
“To Be The Best You Need The Best.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo
“If you think you’re perfect already, then you never will be.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo
“Dedication, hard work all the time, and belief.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo 


“If we can’t help our family, who are going to help?” ― Cristiano Ronaldo


“I have my flaws too, but I am a professional who doesn’t like to miss or lose.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo


“I would be very proud if, one day, I’m held in the same esteem as George Best or Beckham. It’s what I’m working hard towards.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo
“Talent without working hard is nothing.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo


“I don’t have to show anything to anyone.There is nothing to prove.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo

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